Four steps to perfecting manicure results at home

four steps

The next four steps will allow you to shape your nails and apply nail polish like a true professional – go ahead!

Four steps to professional results

STEP 1: Shape your nails

Experts recommend gradually smoothing your nails in one direction. To avoid a “distorted” shape, try to look at your hand from above and below (deep). When you see that the shape of your nail is good from both angles, you will know that you have achieved it. The way your nails are shaped depends on your preferences and lifestyle. Oval edges are suitable for most lengths. Almond-shaped tips provide a place to paint your nails, but they need extra length. If you can’t decide, leave the nail to your driver – look at the cuticle curve to get the most flattering shape.

STEP 2: It’s time for the basics!

Skip the soaking – so the nails will absorb the water and spread. Always apply a primer before applying varnish. This will be the basis on which your nail polish can be “caught”, which will ensure its durability.

STEP 3: Improve the varnish application technique

Before applying, rotate the bottle by hand instead of shaking. The vibration creates air bubbles and can thicken the varnish. Apply the varnish in a thin, even layer, starting with a strip in the middle, and then add another on each side. Before applying the next coat, wait until the previous one is completely dry. To keep your fingers still while applying varnish, place them on a firm surface, like on a table. First, paint the nail plate on your “main” hand (you’ll need more time to apply the varnish with a weaker hand).

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STEP 4: Repair the varnish

When the varnish dries, fix it with a top cover. This will increase the color, contributing to its durability. For extra protection and shine, experts recommend re-applying the top cover every few days.


To correct any flaws, soak an old lipstick or eyeliner (and cotton can be one of the options!) On nail polish remover and remove any blemishes.

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