Friends brings an impressive winter collection


One of the most notable design pairs in the regional fashion scene, Friends, Presented the collection for the winter of the 21st. bearing the name PAGE B. They once again painted a new fashion story as a digital fashion show and, in their own way, an intriguing fashion short film.

In previous collections Friends he established different patterns, bright colors, eclecticism, decadence and nostalgia as his recognizable foundations, and this time complemented by cultural phenomena and names that served as inspiration, this time with Marijana as secretary (the role of Seka Sabljić. Cheerful people ) and language department, Baby Doll or Snacks.

As a center in the 90s moodboard B SHEETS

– As a starting point for inspiration, the center itself moodboard-and we have the 90s, where we do a little review of the motives and events that influenced the fashion of the time around us. It can be said that the nineties is a broad term, but we paid attention Part B in terms of style and deadly woman the wave, due to the determinant of time itself, which is somehow closest to our childhood and the first encounters with fashion and style. Of course, there were different directions at the time, and we left the biggest impression through music and film and somehow decided what it was like at a young age – explained Marko Ilijev and Sasa Stevic, creators and designers. brand.

– We tried to weave the key reasons of the collection for the dress, the fashion of the time that was the main emphasis in every sense – both through jewelry and makeup, and through models of shoes and clothes, focusing on sex appeal and femininity – we tried to weave. we carry everything and clothes from the collection.

Actual presentation: Digital magazine

It’s been a real way to present a digital magazine in the seasons ahead Friends they can be called the pioneers of such a presentation in doubt and around us.

Behind the B PAGE video are cinematographer and director Jasna Prolić, cameraman Strahinja Marković and Luka Pejčić, responsible for a fascinating view of the top of the legendary Genex Tower. As before, Marko and Sasa were involved in the whole story and process from start to finish.

– Through the video we tried to convey the atmosphere of the main space motifs that were so popular at the time, we didn’t want any special details, we wanted to reclaim a kind of commitment to texture with details, sex appeal and hedonism. and colors, as well as through makeup and a primate – they concluded Friends.

This design couple moves from season to season with their limitations and standards in our fashion field, playing with specific shapes and motifs, and locating everything in cult places and showing a broader picture of our culture. It’s up to the observers to turn the rotator on, to turn it on difference b and we enjoy the scene.

Friends Friends friends Friends Friends Friends Friends

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Iso Duo Mates via PR

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