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Isidora Simijonovic

We were fascinated by the young hopeful actress Isidora Simijonović in the conversation, and below we present her character and work.

All we knew about Isidora Simijonovic before the invitation to collaborate was that she is very current at the moment, that she poses very well, and that the professional public is announcing her excellent career. However, he also assured us that he is one of the most professional public figures we have ever worked with. Infinitely fast, efficient, charming – Serbian Kristen Stewart – she won us over with her willingness to do all the first tasks perfectly, combining her acting and posing talent. He progressed with the film Klip (2012) and now tells us how it feels to play in one of the most watched series, especially when he is proud of his career and what he wants in the future.

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I’m glad the Alphabet in our lives had a great reaction from the audience. We created this series in a healthy, responsible and creative atmosphere. And this is the spirit of the series, where, although it deals with very serious issues, it “makes” you look nice, charming and far away. There are many moments that I am very proud of … I would like to highlight a series that will change everything in the morning, as a project that I would like to return to, because of the sensitivity, the special theme and the fact that young people have found their place. there. I want roles and scenarios that represent female characters on a par with male characters. Alphabet and Morning are great examples of these series. I am happy that things are changing for the better and I hope that they will continue to change, says Isidora, who was tutored by Mirjana Karanović in her studies.

Isidora Simijonović-Creativity always

Although he began his career in theater, Isidora has emphasized that he is not in first place. And he says his free time is very important.
I don’t necessarily prefer to shoot theater, I would say that these two things are incomparable. I think the topic of content is more important than form. It’s also important to me who my members are, what we’re doing, and in what atmosphere. It’s important that I care about what I do for myself, that I see some value in that, and that the role I have to play inspires me. My hobbies are one of the most important things in my world. In my free time I sew and crochet. I take sewing lessons all the time and deal with every new thing I do and the new things I learn. I’ve always liked it. I enjoy the whole process of learning, inventing, creating, and even making mistakes that sometimes happen, I learn from them, but I don’t give up. My time is important to me, when I turn on the soothing music, when I make tea or coffee, and when I cut out, crochet, or start sewing … Hours can pass. That’s how I am reborn.

Everything in society is better

Isidore emphasizes that being with friends is an important part of his life.
It’s important for me to find time for friends. Sometimes there is less, other times more. I miss a lot of people nearby if I haven’t seen them in a while. I’ve always liked friendly conversations. I’m kind of homey in my heart, even though it’s the times when I get out more often. By the way, I grew up in the city center, and now I live in Vracar. However, at different stages of my life, I got to know different places in Belgrade. For the past few years, I’ve been enjoying going to the fair on the weekends, and I’m really looking forward to doing that activity. I also love it when I discover a good restaurant or cocktail bar, the actor told us.
The support of his parents is still very important to him, as they follow everything he does closely and most of the time they see him at the table (Sunday lunch).

Physical activity, immortal love

We asked Isido if she had children, if she trained regularly, and if she had always been an athlete.
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either – I practiced ballet, I trained in figure skating. I think that saves me from the times when I don’t exercise today, and I get back in shape pretty quickly after a break. I go to the gym, sometimes I take a break, but I always try to get back to training. I know how much I like it, but also how healthy it is, ”says Isidora.

Psychotherapy is my recommendation

We were curious to know how to relieve stress and practice meditation or yoga, how to balance it with a busy schedule and what gives you the peace of mind you need.
I find peace in my home every day, the time I spend on small rituals and creativity. I haven’t had much success with meditation and yoga, although I plan to try again. I’m going to psychotherapy and that’s one of the best things I’ve ever given myself, it’s honest.

It is important to take care of it on time

When asked how they care and whether their beauty rites are simple or complicated, she answers:
I’ve included a few extra steps when it comes to skin care. First of all, because I want to be beautiful and healthy, but also because I like this bedtime ritual. It calms me down and reassures me. And I’m glad when I see the results, these are, of course, the best when I get a good night’s sleep. But, since I introduced niacinamide and vitamin C serum into my care, I have noticed that my face is much fresher and my skin is more hydrated. From time to time, I go to some treatments — cleansing, moisturizing, or something that my beautician recommends.

Isidora Simijonović- New image

Recently, Isidore cut her long, thick hair into a modern bob, so now it’s even more reminiscent of her American colleague Kristen Stewart, who is also adorned with a dreamy look.
I cut my hair because I thought about it for a long time how would i like to change my hairstyle. After filming Alphabet and Time of Evil, I realized it was the right time, for several months, I had my hair curled almost every day, so it was time to rest. I liked this change, I feel very good at the moment with the new hairstyle and I think it suits my sensitivity, the actor told us.

A soul mate

At the end of the conversation, we asked Isidore, who is in a relationship with political scientist Vuk Velebit, about the importance of her emotional stability and the support of her partner. And in general, what kind of man he is. And he says:
It means infinite support from my partner. I also think it’s a great happiness when you find someone who is your soul mate. Be that as it may, it is equally important to cultivate yourself and be good to yourself, the only way to be good to someone else. My kind of feminist man is smart and charming. “

Photographer: Mirko Tabašević
Stylist: Vesna Stankovic
Hairdresser: Dalibor Vrtina @dvhclub
Makeup: Laura Dutina, @lauramake_up_

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