Frosted eyeshadow: The return of the great trend of the nineties!

Frozen eye shadow

Frozen eye shadow, thanks to the series Euphoriashe’s enjoying her five-minute fame in the makeup scene again.

The trend of frosted eyeshadow, in addition to the 1990s, was also popular in the 2000s. And, after a long break of twenty years, he came to life again! It focused mainly on shades such as lavender, lilac, blue ice, mint, silver and pale pink – fresh and metallic finishes. Stars such as Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears helped put it on the map in the 1990s, and the Euphoria series has secured its place in the makeup scene even today. And the celebrities gladly gave me a chance. No wonder: it’s fun, bold, fun, and a great way to make our makeup more individual, modern, and interesting.

How to get it? Apply the printer first, then a thin layer of powder and then a layer of shadow – starting from the inside edges of the eyes to the outside. You can also do it with your fingers, and then mix the shadow with a brush. Allow the highest concentration of shadow to be on the inner edge of the eye, and as it goes to the eyebrows, it should shrink. You can also add a different shade to the outer edges and mix. Encourage yourself to combine this look with bright lips and matte skin. Finally, complete the story with a mask (And don’t miss it!).

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