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Quick holiday hairstyles

Here are some quick holiday hairstyles for those of you who don’t have much time …

Some call this the most beautiful time of the year, and others the most stressful, and we don’t just think about work, the constant socialization and the intense party and the pressure to buy presents.

And we think in all of this, you really don’t have time to think about outfits, let alone hairstyles for New Year’s Eve celebrations and corporate parties.

Quick holiday hairstyles

However, let us help you with the very simple, chic, sexy and classic hairstyles that will help you and make your choice easier, which will make you glamorous and beautiful in just a few minutes. Of course, accessories like bows, ruffles and shiny ornaments are perfect for this season, no matter what the length of your hair. Below is what you can do to get the most out of your minutes. PS. we see that the return to the 60s is getting clearer and clearer and we are very happy about that.

Low tail

The low tail is a perfect and simple holiday hairstyle that will only take a few minutes.


Unusual ruffles make up every hairstyle.

Quiet cake

With the so-called “Messy bun” occasionally decorated, the hairstyle will be perfect for New Year’s Eve.


Pearls are back in fashion, so why not be a part of a holiday hairstyle? Tie the tail, wrap a thread around the rubber so that it does not look around and add a ribbon with beads and you’re done! You are ready to move.


Oversized bows are in vogue this season, and with them, the hairstyle itself is less important.

Low cake

Ideal for women with medium wavy hair. And it’s very quick and easy to do!


The “wet hair” look is also in vogue, and is very easy to achieve. In addition, you will look modern and chic.

Unusual haircuts

Haircuts are back in fashion and are the easiest way to have a stylish hairstyle, even if it has a low tail.

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Trainer: Lana Biželj
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