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2022 spring and summer sandals

Here are some of the sandals that fashion designers have brought us for spring and summer 2022.

Finally, we got warmer weather, so slowly, we took our lighter clothes out of the closet. And with the warmer, sunnier weather, there is a change in the shoes we wear.

Whether you like heels or sandals, this spring and summer season, the fashion world offers us few options, and we bring you the most popular suggestions.

2022 spring and summer sandals.


Sandal belts are back in fashion, choose the right one, everyday or with heels for an evening out. Belts can be decorated with striking details, but they don’t have to. It all depends on personal preferences.

Square heel

These sandal models are perfect for ladies who don’t like a lot of heels because the square heel is very comfortable and stable.

Like slippers

This type of sandal is very popular this year, and the reason lies in the comfort, but also in the variety. Different models adapt to different styles.

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Another great option for women who don’t like heels. Whether you choose shorter or thicker platforms, you won’t go wrong because this model is very popular.

Straight sandals

In addition to all the models, flat sandals are the focus this year. Those with an unusual design are known for their belts, embellishments and striking details.

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