Glazed leather is a new beauty trend brought to us by Haley Bieber

Glazed leather

The glazed leather has a textured appearance, almost visible pores and a lot of shine. And how to get it, we explain below?

If we can envy someone on the skin, it’s definitely Haley Bieber. The skin is perfect, without any texture and without much shine, which is why this model is known. And the skin is also called “glazed”.

Hairy Pepper Glazed Leather

Of course, it all depends on what kind of skin we have. So if we naturally enlarge the pores, there is no solution that will completely remove them. On the other hand, Haley has barely visible skin on her pores, so it’s much easier to get the effect of her shiny, healthy skin. This year’s skin trend was named after her – “glazed donut,” after she posted a photo of her glowing skin on her body and face on Instagram.

If you’re wondering how to get this look, Haley has revealed her little tricks: putting masks on top of each other.

After two phases of facial cleansing, apply a peptide serum that massages the skin while it is wet, followed by an intensive face cream that will not be applied to the parts of the face where pimples have appeared, but will be applied. lighter cream.

Many layers are really the biggest secret to this skin look, especially if you have sensitive and dry skin like Haley. Finally, block the entire routine with oil that will give you a massage on your face and eye cream. Of course, always have a lip balm next to the bed that will feed you intensively throughout the night, and that’s it: you’ll look like a glazed donut.

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