Great holiday gift “Beauty and Health”: How to get involved?

A great holiday gift

A great holiday gift magazine , is becoming a tradition! We hope you enjoy the pre-holiday and holiday days! Here’s what we imagined …

Let’s get together in 2022! Collaborate with the editors, and for the most interesting suggestions, our magazine friends have prepared holiday gifts for you that you won’t face!

A great holiday gift: how to get involved?

1. Think about which person you would like to see on the cover or what new section you would like to read.

2. Examine all the gifts in the December print edition (which has been in vinegar since November 20) and look for the gift code (code) you like best.

3. In the comments for this post, enter the gift code, then click below for your suggestions on the personalities and sections you want to see. .

4. Wait until December 20, when the January print edition will be released. We will publish the list of winners there! Selection Criteria: The editorial staff will select the most creative proposals.

We wish you all to enjoy this pre-holiday period: above all, we wish you all the best in good health and a smile on your face! Your LZ editorial!

And now, here’s your chance to take a look at the gifts. Let’s repeat: all the details and codes you need to participate are in our print, December edition.

Join a nice club …

A great holiday gift

… Included in winter sneakers Sherpa Chuck Taylor All Star Platform. Worth knowing Chuck Taylor the look is complemented by a soft, warm replica of lambskin in a soft peach shade. You can change the style of these beauties because they have two sets of lace – we have chosen duels in the photo and fill the other lace with color with the color of the hair. But we leave it up to you to find out the details yourself … (@conversesrbija)

Sustainable chic

On this point Lindex the dresses won us over with the design, the corners around the sleeves, as well as the beautiful cut that follows the body line at the top, and then extends downwards in the form of a cut A and a small length. But not only that: in addition to the design, you will also enjoy wearing clothes made of sustainable materials, which is a better ecological option.

100% natural new perfume

A great holiday gift

Chloé Eau de Parfum Naturelle (, from the line Chloe signature, brings a fresh scent of organic roses. Created by perfumer Michel Almairac, it is a rose, a household brand Chloe, Consisting of Moroccan nerolia. In addition, the fresh citrus essence of the cedar is mixed with the bright accents of black currant, while the base notes add a solid woody base.

A healthy cake? Yes please!

In the IG profile @raw_cakes_ we found raw cakes without flour, milk, eggs, no sugar, no artificial colors and flavors! And one of those cakes made with raw and exclusively organic ingredients will be prepared as a gift for one of you. “Our cakes don’t have a drop of water, we make our own vegetable milk as well as vegetable butter, and the colors are natural,” they added from @ raw_cakes_.

Improve your care routine

A great holiday gift

If one of your decisions for 2022 is to take care of your skin and fix basic problems, then one of the three Sephora collection Good For You (@sephorasrbija) is set up for you. They are here Targeted Pore Serum Routine, for the problem of enlarged pores (pictured), then Serum routine aimed at dark spots against hyperpigmentation and Wrinkle-directed serum routine against wrinkles.

A shirt that empowers women

The design of these t-shirts is thanks to a refugee woman, an Iranian painter, and the t-shirts have been printed by our girls at @, using materials that care about nature. Kits and bags for the templates will be offered soon, followed by “more serious” pieces. One of you will receive a T-shirt as a gift, and the rest of us are invited to order t-shirts through the website — part of your money will go to help refugee women.

Topic of desire: Beauty refrigerator

A great holiday gift is giving away Stylpro Beauty Fridge what we longed for! Because if we want to take good care of our skin, it is also important to take care of the products – they give the best results if we keep them in perfect condition. That’s why we’re glad that one of you will be able to keep your cosmetic products fresh and thus save their effectiveness and extend their shelf life with this top quality mini-fridge. Voucher: in addition to being practical, Stylpro Beauty Fridge it will beautify any corner of your home!

Something new in our market

A great holiday gift

How do you feel: effective head and foot care products at affordable prices, complete professional equipment for beauty and hairdressing, a standard Italian with decades of experience, shopping with the help of beauty consultants … This is a short description of one. Famous Italian brand Kaypro He also arrived in Serbia. This brand opened the first store in our country in Belgrade, at 51-53 Makenzijeva Street. Out of a total of 22,000 items, this set has been selected for you (in five copies) … Check out why.

Something sensual …

… We have to pay for the New Year holidays. We like the feeling that the body wakes up Jet From the Lisca Selection collection. It is a Brazilian body, without wires and baskets, with micro-knit edges, decorative lace and a proper measure of transparency. It can be worn as underwear, but also as an elegant piece that you can combine in holiday outfits.

Give love to your skin

a great holiday gift

Let’s welcome you under the Christmas tree this year Pamper & Purify Himalayan charcoal skin care gift (! To get started, make it using excellent foam Clay cleaning, to cleanse the skin and reduce the appearance of pores. It will take care of the shine of the skin Charcoal mask. And the perfect partner with these two coal-based products? Cognac sponge, a completely natural skin cleansing solution.

Caramel-colored sweets

Fantastic Mona range ( for one of you we have chosen an elegant bag with a solid shape, made of natural leather, with a printed print. Compact and practical, with enough space for all the little things, this bag has a long neck that turns it into a double handle. We are sure you will like the first outfit.

Look 2022a in the eye

A great holiday gift

… 10 with a palette of eye shadows Naj Oleari Wonder Look Eyeshadow Palette, 02 shades of pink ( They have a velvety texture and different effects: matte, shiny, glossy. We love them because they are incredibly creamy, easy to apply, stick well, and last long, and are created based on the concept of pure beauty. without excessive ingredients.

#View size

A great holiday gift

The title hashtag sponsored by TCL Mobile ( is what we wish you in 2022! TCL, the world’s leading TV innovator, also brings its innovations to mobile phones. And one of you will be able to see its quality, as TCL has prepared the TCL 20L + phone (Red / Red) as a holiday gift for L&Z readers!

Everything we want for Christmas …

… Our days smell like a holiday, which is very easy to achieve with a gift package Cosmetic Aphrodite Everything I Want for Christmas (cosmetic The set includes scented shower gel and body cream, enriched with sweet vanilla and orange scent. For unforgettable relaxation.

Get into new experiences

a great holiday gift

An experienced team behind the home brand ONLY (, with the highest knowledge in the field of shoe design and production, only from natural leathers, for readers. presents a couple of these fantastic boots. An absolute must when it comes to this brand: comfort! So we have no doubt that you will fall in love with them in the first step.

To have a spa atmosphere at home

The steam cleaner (@aleaskinco) shines on the skin, making it velvety and smooth. The steam helps to expel toxins, has a sauna effect, deepens the pores, which prevents the appearance of acne and pimples. Use this device in just a few minutes a day and it will make your face shine!

Only good vibrations …

a great holiday gift

... 2022. with cosmetics Divage (! We are sure you will be delighted with this elegant set of makeup with gold-colored packages, packed in a black cosmetic bag of modern design. (Mascara Only good atmosphere, eyeliner Waterproof Eye Liner & Kajal, lip graffiti Golden Feast, nails Forever nail polish,, Compact High Highlighter).

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