Health benefits we didn’t know before

Beet leaves and stems

When we prepare these vegetables we usually throw away the beet leaves and stems. And here’s how we can take advantage of this very healthy plant.

We all know how healthy beets are. Consumed fresh, cooked or in juice form, this vegetable boosts immunity, cleanses the body of toxins, lowers blood pressure, protects cells from free radicals … But did you know that the stems and leaves of this plant are equally healthy? Therefore, do not throw more, when preparing beets, take advantage.

Beet leaves and stems – health benefits

Vitamin A

Beets have only 38 grams of green beets half the recommended daily dose of vitamin A. And as we know, this vitamin strengthens our immune system, makes our skin radiant and healthy, and is also responsible for eye health.

Vitamin C

Beet stalks and leaves are also full of vitamin C, which is especially important during seasonal flu and viruses.

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Polyphenols contain antioxidants that prevent and reduce inflammation. This is why they make our body healthier and stronger.

Prepare green pieces of beets

The leaves and stems of this vegetable have a mild flavor and are not bitter, although many would initially think so. They can be consumed fresh or cooked. It is advisable not to overcook so that they lose nutrients. Just steam it a little if you use it as an additive to soups and stews. You can put them raw, cut into strips, in hot soup.

You can use fresh pieces of beets to prepare salads, smoothies or pesto (replace a piece of basil with beet leaves). You can also add fresh leaves to the baked pizza for a richer flavor.

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