Here are some ways to dress up in chocolate tones

Brown clothes

Brown dresses have been popular for a long time, and here’s how you can dress them all up.

Although it may seem difficult to combine shades of brown, it is still far from true. The color brown is becoming very popular in all possible combinations and is not only stored in autumn or winter, it is used at any time of the year.

It’s easiest to combine with similar shades, such as orange, green, white, light pink, but that’s not the rule. You can easily choose the one that feels right for you, and with such combinations, you will definitely revive it and give it a new impetus. You will always leave an impression of elegance and versatility with this, as earth tones can give the necessary “wow” effect.

Brown outfits – ideas for combinations

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Trainer: Tatjana Zoka

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