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to get to know spring

Looking ahead to spring, we are working on a new cosmetic protocol. Feel free to copy!

With the arrival of spring, our fashion and beauty strategies are changing. When it comes to dressing, light layers are the key to quickly removing the jacket when it gets hot. The same goes for our skin care regimen. As the weather warms up, the skin dries out, so light formulations that keep it hydrated and balanced come into play. However, dry skin can be maintained – due to winter conditions – so you need to emphasize hydration. Experts tell you what rules to follow.

Towards spring: 5 rules to follow

  1. Don’t leave home without SPF!

While it’s important to apply sunscreen all year round, it’s especially important in the spring, as you’ll spend more and more time outdoors. Experts recommend using SPF 30 or higher, and choosing lightweight, water- and water-resistant formulations. They also emphasize that re-applying sunscreen during the day is essential. It is also important to choose powders with a protective factor.

  1. Refresh your anti-aging routine

For warmer months, replace retinol with glycolic acid in combination with anti-glycation serum. Aren’t these terms the clearest for you? Glycation is the body’s reaction to glucose, or sugar, and is one of the causes of skin aging. Glycolic acid is an AHA acid that promotes skin radiance and also has soothing properties.

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  1. Pause with Vaseline

If you think that Vaseline is too heavy for your skin now, experts suggest that you take a break until next winter to close your pores. Instead, choose a mild ointment containing ceramide, glycerin, niacinamide, and SPF, which will give your skin adequate moisture.

  1. Don’t forget the skin under the neck

Your body just needs a little attention after a cold winter. Consider an ointment containing urea and natural moisturizing factors to solve the problem of dry and plump areas. If you’ve used a heavy body cream, now calmly switch to a moisturizing lotion.

  1. Choose clear formulas for the eye area

Spring is a time of seasonal allergies. If you are someone who feels irritated and uncomfortable due to pollen during the transition season, experts recommend using gentle products for the eye area. Masks for the eye area with a cooling effect can help relieve bloating, as well as green tea products.

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