Here are the hairstyles we will be wearing this season

Cakes for 2022

Here are the types of cakes that hair stylists recommend for 2022.

High, low, quiet, smooth – the list of subject changes is endless, but one thing is for sure – cakes have always been (and will always be!) In vogue. In addition to being easy to make, “bad hair” is perfect for a day out, these hairstyles are suitable for all styles and events. All of this makes them truly timeless, and what we’re going to wear this year, find out below.

Cakes for 2022.


These pastries have become more and more popular since 2020, and the reason is probably the easiest way to get a nostalgic look. It is important to pick up your hair with your fingers, not too tight or too tight, and tie it with your fingers.


Famous “ballerina” cakes are definitely the easiest way to get a formal look. They go great with a business suit, a cocktail dress, and can also be worn at weddings and similar ceremonies. This year, they are known to lick sliced ​​cakes in the middle or side. And don’t forget to use gel and lacquer when making this hairstyle.


In this case the shape of the ends of the hair is essential because the bun must have a certain shape. It is usually achieved by tying the ponytail high, then twisting the tip of the tail and making a bun from the twisted tip. Then tie the hair bowls and lacquer. This hairstyle is perfect for formal events, but also for many ceremonies.


Bows decorated with a bow are very popular this year. In fact, the bow itself is an essential fashion detail for 2022. Not only can we get a sophisticated look, the bow also makes us playful, so we can put it on a calmer bun.

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