Here are the nails we will be wearing this season!

Autumn manicure

This year’s fall manicure comes with a wide selection, so it’s safe: there’s something for everyone!

Delicate pastel colors, unusual patterns, neutral nails … all this awaits us in the autumn season. In fact, this time we can choose a huge range of manicures, and we have chosen for you the ones that left the biggest impression on us. Let’s not go any further, immerse yourself in the realm of colors and shapes!

Autumn manicure for 2021.


This look was inspired by the fashion of the early 2000s and with flowers there are hearts and pastel colors. So everyone who loves – let him choose freely!

Puci design

The latest incarnations of this year’s most famous designer trend, Emilio Pucci, are having great success in manicures!

Orange love

Orange is back in fashion on the big door, so in addition to clothes (and shoes), we also have makeup, and nail tones this fall!

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Deep and dark

For those who like relatively dark tones, we suggest permanent black nails. Also, deep shades of brown chocolate are popular this season.

Metallic texture

Metallic tones have also returned to the scene and will give any look an elegant finishing touch.

Natural nails

If you’re more into the classics, you’re in luck this fall because natural nails are also in vogue!

Classic red

In the end, we highlight a timeless classic: red nails. These shades fit better with shorter nails.

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