Here is what this position of the love planet brings to us

Live Venus 2022

Direct Venus 2022 started on January 29th, and what it brings us, we’ll explain below.

The astrological passage that defined the beginning of 2022 is certainly retrograde Venus. In the last month and a half, this powerful, powerful and volatile planet has forced us to face the chaos of last year. And now it’s finally over.

Live Venus 2022.

As of January 29, the Retreat Dance of Venus has officially ended. And this attitude allows us to accept the harsh truth of everything we have learned from the past. That will move us forward. Retrospective Venus has helped us discover what we want in a life of love. If you’ve been in a relationship for the past few years or have been eager to devote to your budget and career, the past has done its job. And now it’s time to take steps around everything we’ve learned and found.

This transition has focused on the dynamics of the relationship. Retrospective Venus has helped us see what changes we need to make our relationships more honest and genuine.

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Although Venus is associated with love, it also governs the financial side of our lives. And when it was retroactive, we were more dedicated than usual. We thought about ways to succeed, change your career and make more money.

Our finances seemed trapped and stagnant, but the new position of Venus brings us a more dynamic period. Venus will bring us the strength we need to start learning and appreciating ourselves in the right way, even in the sign of Capricorn. And so we move that mood to love and work.

The upcoming season brings us a unique opportunity for new beginnings. It’s time to reflect on what we’ve learned about ourselves and our relationships. We will also feel fuller in business.

Last month, we spent a lot of time studying. Now is the time to take real steps towards change. Only we can make those decisions and really change something. Go ahead with courage!

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