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Korean acne care

Korean acne care is based on hydration and a moist barrier that prevents pimples. Here’s what it’s all about.

Imagine this: acne and pimples are starting to appear on your skin. You attack from all sides with everything you can get: salicylic acid, toothpaste … And acne replaces stains. A popular scenario, right?

Today, in fact, we are used to getting immediate results, and that’s what we want when it comes to acne. But this needs to be addressed in a holistic way. That is, our focus should be on preventing pimples. And that’s what Korean experts are doing.

Korean acne care

The ingredients are important

In our country and in the West, while anti-pimple preparations have aggressive ingredients, Korean preparations are slightly softer. Excessive bleaching and drying can increase skin irritation. Korean people appreciate hydrated and radiant skin, and treat acne with preparations that moisturize and nourish skin cells.

Hydration is key

For people struggling with acne, Korean dermatologists suggest creams and preparations that moisturize and moisturize rather than dry skin. Acne-prone skin needs much more moisturizer to keep it clean and balanced. In addition, hydration frees the skin from toxins that clog pores and cause acne. In addition to nourishing creams, it is enough to drink enough water during the day.

Always on time

Korean acne patients take dermatologist treatments seriously and many go to dermatologists once or twice a week. These treatments include deep cleansing and exfoliation, soothing masks, moisturizing blisters, and a few invasive professional treatments.

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Deep treatments

About five years ago, skin care technology advanced, and people with acne added laser treatments and micronido to their skin care routine. Gold photothermal therapy is one of Korea’s favorites and is used to treat more serious skin problems. It is a special serum filled with gold nanoparticles that are attached to the skin and absorbed by the pores with the help of ultrasonic waves. Then, with the help of a laser, the gold molecules are heated, which reduces the pores and prevents the secretion of sebum.

In addition, some patients use cortisone injections, which balance the secretion of sebum, while others choose special creams that penetrate deep into the skin cells of the face.

Special Hastaplasts

Hanzaplasti is a great success for us in Korea. They contain hydrocolloids that dry out the brain and at the same time protect it from external influences. They are easy to use and inexpensive, which is why their popularity is growing.

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