Here’s how they dress this season!

White shirts and cream

White and cream-colored shirts are essential in every wardrobe, and here’s how you can dress them all up.

If there is one outfit that all women should have in the closet, in addition to a little black dress, it is definitely a white and / or cream shirt.

Its popularity does not stop because it represents the absolute basis and beginning of all fashion styles. You will never go wrong if you combine it with pants, skirts or jeans. If you are not a fan of white, choose a beige or cream variant. These shades are feminine, striking and modern. Below, we also explain how you can wear bright shirts this fall and winter season.

White and cream t-shirts for the winter of 2021.


The combination of a white shirt and black pants, along with high-heeled shoes, is the perfect look for a business meeting or lunch. In addition, in this combination of clothes, you can have a drink with friends or go to a parent-teacher meeting. Choose a brightly colored bag to “break” a bit of monotony.


You can fit a white shirt with deep waist jeans that will make you look calm, chic, but still sophisticated. You can sweeten the whole look with an interesting piece of jewelry.

Street style

An interesting combination of cream pants, a white shirt and a gray jacket. Play with colors and you will get an unusual street style look, perfect for both work and outing.

Under the sweater

This look will never go out of style. The white shirt under the sweater goes perfectly with sneakers, boots or high-heeled shoes. Stylish look without much effort!

A little brave

For those who like bolder clothing combinations, combine brightly colored pants with a white or cream shirt. This season, the red and green shades are the leaders.

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Rock it!

For those who don’t like plain white shirts, there are shades of beige and brown that combine equally well.


The easiest way to be sophisticated: adjust your pants and shirt of the same color and you will get that look. YevgeniyGq / iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

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