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Poof jackets are essential in all seasons when temperatures drop enough. And here are the models we will be wearing in the fall and winter.

It seems to us that Poof jackets have been the most popular clothes in the cold months since they were created. Throughout the history of its existence, styles, colors, lengths and decorations have changed, but one thing is for sure: there is no better way to warm up and at the same time get a great look.

Below, we bring you the latest trends for this fall / winter season.

Pouf jackets for the fall / winter seasons 2021 and 2022.

Leather pouf jacket

This type of jacket had a real boom last year, and its popularity expanded until 2021. The best thing about these jackets is that the rest of the outfits can be simple, because you will look stylish, no matter what you wear underneath.

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Like a dress

If you want to be bolder, choose a long jacket and wear it as a dress. The big pouf jackets are a big hit this year as well.

Cut out jackets

How contradictory they can be (fashion is a weird thing, no doubt), this season, not only oversized jackets, but also shorter ones are popular (following the example of the 2000s). Well, he who loves, let him love!

Bold designs

If you want to completely refresh your look, choose a pouf jacket with thick prints. Experiment with the rest of the outfit and enjoy!

Bright colors

If you don’t like different designs, choose a colored jacket. You can choose shades in the sea, and one thing is for sure – the next cold months will not look monotonous! Paint them!

Shiny metal

Metal jackets are a complete hit this year. Combine it with leather pants and you will be very fashionable.

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