Here’s how to take care of Emily in Paris!

Beauty Secrets Lily Collins

We reveal Lily Collins ’beauty secrets to make her look so perfect.

If you haven’t seen Netflix’s “Emily in Paris” series so far, we wonder where you’ve been? We’ve been obsessed with Parisian fashion since the first season, which was brought to the small screen by lead actress Lily Collins.

And even though she stole the show with simple but chic beauty and fashion, there are scenes we haven’t seen. Fresh, shiny and clean hair, bold eyebrows, thick eyelashes and full lips … It’s definitely less in France!

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But we needed to know more, so below we present you the real beauty routine of this actor.

Beauty Secrets Lily Collins

Morning routine

When she wakes up, Lily cleans herself, cleans her face, and applies it to the room. After that, use a moisturizer for the face.

Whether it’s winter or summer, after the cream, I need to apply a cream with a protective factor. I’m looking for a lighter texture so that my face doesn’t get greasy. And the factor must be at least 20.

An unusual trick

Lily likes to use peppermint oil and apply it to the temples and back of the neck.

This is the fastest way to wake up, he admitted.

Makeup routine

Lily is known for her natural appearance and she wears minimal makeup. Except when he goes to premieres or guest appearances, of course.

The less makeup there is on the face, there is less chance of something going wrong, is his motto.

When she puts on her make-up, Lily applies a bright liquid powder to make the spots visible on her face. He chooses the lightest possible formulas so as not to fill the pores.

She uses a beautiful sponge to apply the powder, after which she applies a little powder.

Famous eyebrows

The next step in your beauty routine is to cut your eyebrows.

Everything is on the eyebrows, he admitted and added – I apply eyeliner and put a small amount under my eyebrows to highlight them. Then I brush them and occasionally, when needed, adjust them so they don’t get wild.

To keep her eyes focused, she uses liquid eyeliner and then puts on the volume of the mascara.

On the lips, apply a daily peel and then a balm. Her favorites are nude lipsticks.

She chooses red lipsticks when she goes to the red carpet.

Evening rites

Sleeping skin care is just like in the morning. After washing your face, use the gel, then the night cream. And when the skin is very dry, she puts on a mask made of coconut oil and spreads it on the rest of her body.

Finally, he mentioned that sleep is very important for the skin to look great. Emma McIntyre / Staff / Getty Entertainment

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