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Peach-colored makeup

Peach makeup will, however, be the most popular trend next year.

Winter has arrived (well, not on the calendar, but in terms of temperature). However, for a long time now we have been thinking only of spring weather, shaken dresses and the weather forecast that will lift the mood at first glance. , it’s time and let’s move on to spring trends.

Peach-colored makeup for 2022.

One of the biggest makeup trends for next year is the return of peach makeup, be it lipsticks, shadows or blouses. At Milan Fashion Week, this color prevailed in the form of eyes and eyeliner, and so did New York Fashion Week with the blouse. Even if you can’t imagine the “first ball” that color is put on, the fact is that it looks great on everyone, no matter what skin tone you have.

This color can serve as an illuminator under the eyes, especially if you have blue or gray eyes, which will also be visually illuminated in this way. Peach neutralizes the color, unlike powders or concealers that would otherwise be applied to the field.

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The advantage of this shade is that it certainly has all the shades under the sunlight (pink, orange, red and yellow). In a word: all the colors we look for when we look for the perfect shade of powder. When we consider everything, the peach shade becomes a universal color that will make you look fresh and sleepy, even if we are not.

How to find the perfect shade?

In fact, we have a very logical answer to this question: the lighter your skin tone, the softer your peach tone. The same goes for women with darker skin tones: choose more coral and orange shades over pure pastels. When shopping, make sure you try it on the inside of your wrist to make sure it’s not too dark or too light, and what makeup you’ll look like – it’s up to you.

Trainer: Lana Biželj
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