Here’s how we’re going to cut our nails this year!

Manicure for 2022

The manicure for 2022 brings us old ideas, already seen, but also new playful ideas.

Of all the beauty trends, the most fun is without a doubt experimenting with nails. And 2022 is no exception. From the time of the nail art of the 2000s, through bright colors, it will be a very interesting year in terms of manicure. Here are six key trends that will keep you on your toes all year long.

Manicure for 2022.

3D details

From jewelry to decorations, the art of nail painting has taken on a whole new dimension in 3D. Although this manicure is not the most practical, it certainly leaves an impression.


The different look of each nail is a very popular trend, be it the French technique, be it different colors or styles.


This color was very popular last year, so it’s no surprise that I’m happy to wear it again this year. The soft purple with shades of blue is a complete hit for any time of the year.

Make the move yourself

Since the pandemic began, more and more women have turned to DIY projects, especially in terms of beauty routines. And from there came the nail stickers, patterns, designs and decorations that will be everywhere in 2022.

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50 shades of green

The color green got five minutes last year, so this trend continues. And it’s definitely a great option, so it all depends on your personal preferences.


As the trends of the 2000s return, so does the nostalgia for decorating nails. From flowers, butterflies, emoticons … Everything is allowed and desirable on the nails this year!

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