Here’s how we’re going to decorate it this year!

Jewelry trends for 2022

Jewelry trends for 2022 are beads, colorful and oversized rings, but also body ornaments. Here’s what he’s talking about.

Latest news from 2022: The world of fashion is nostalgic, but with some innovation. With the arrival of the spring and summer trends of 2022, we understand that this year’s jewelry will be unusual, spectacular and fun. The catwalks are full of inspiring pieces that will make every autograph magical. Here’s what we’re going to decorate this year.

Jewelry trends for 2022.


Since last year, pearls have returned to the world of fashion at the big door, so this year will be no exception. Valentino and Givenchy have already presented their jewelry with a wide range of jewelry, and the trends vary in color, size and style. So they can all be found in this trend.

Silver metal

Yellow gold is a trend that is slowly disappearing and is being replaced by silver with an exciting dose of punk. Heavy knitted chains, intricate metal ornaments … All this will decorate your arms and neck this year.


Although in previous years the focus was on colorful beads, by 2022 these beads are a slightly calmer shade and are enriched with gold, metal and silver details.


Hoops are back in vogue, and gold and silver variants are the most recommended. Even if you have more holes in your ear, you can play with similar sizes and styles.

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Shiny enamel jewelry, with the addition of metal, is this year’s ode to the nineties.

Stomach chain

The belly chain was a very popular accessory in the 90’s, and this one, from 2022, is back in fashion. There are many styles, and it all depends on your personal preferences.


Bracelet chains, called nanogice, have never gone out of style, but will be worn more than ever this summer. They can also be worn in sandals, high-heeled shoes, but also in more general variants, with sneakers or flat shoes.

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