Here’s what awaits us next year!

Fashion trends for 2022

Fashion trends for 2022 bring us great ideas!

Those who understand fashion would think that Covid-19 “killed” fashion once and for all. And to some extent they were right. This year’s spring, summer, fall, and winter were a creative mix of idiosyncratic attempts to meet what the post-pandemic world demanded.

In this sense, many brands in the world have adapted their styles to the new era. And what does that mean for us next year?

Fashion trends for 2022.


When we thought miniskirts couldn’t be smaller, “mini” miniskirts arrived. Next year, we will be wearing these clothes on the low hips, and they will be long enough to cover what needs to be covered … Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, Botega Veneta, Chanel and Emporio Armani have already joined this trend, among others. other things.

Biker style

Connect, because the biker style of the 90’s is back in the fashion world. From Prada to Alexander McQueene to Richard Quinne, everyone makes biker-style clothing. Jeans are mixed with leather, shoulder straps, torn pants, rivet ovules 2022 this will be colorful.

Paint me, feel free

Next year, no one will have an excuse to wear neutral colors. The color combinations are really unusual, from Valentine’s Day chocolate and blue, to Helper’s orange and cyclamen, we all wear the most striking colors possible.


Think of Lady Gaga … E in clothing combinations, and the most striking clothes will be the focus next year.

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In lines

By no means an out-of-fashion trend, but one that will take on a whole new dimension next year.

Smoothly white

We have good news for those who like minimalist style. The axis will be white, and white from head to toe. Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Staff through Getty Images Entertainment; John Phillips / Stringer via Getty Images Entertainment; Emma McIntyre / Staff / Getty Entertainment;

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