Here’s what hair stylists suggest

The most popular autumn hair accessories

The most popular fall hair accessories of this season take us back to the 90s, as well as to previous fashion eras.

Depending on trends, weather, events, hair color and type, and even the seasons, hair ornaments have changed and adapted, but one thing is for sure: they are there and they don’t go anywhere.

Here’s what hair stylists recommend for this fall when it comes to haircuts.

The most popular autumn hair accessories


The most popular autumn hair accessories 1

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Scarves have always been there, and apparently they will be at the top of the most popular hair ornaments for a long time. From our grandmothers to Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. This is a classic accessory that suits everyone, and it depends on your taste when it comes to choosing a design. Play with style and find a way to fit the scarf this fall as a key detail of your look.


the most popular autumn hair accessories 2

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Caps are not only stored in the summer. This year, a straw hat is also a must in the fall season. This hair accessory has the ability to complement any look and hide bad hair one day.

Hair bands

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It is a typical hair accessory from the 90s of the last century. Elastic hair and oversized hair are essential this fall season. And stylists recommend more neutral and unnoticed tones, like the one shown in the photo.

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Minimalist hairpins

5 most popular autumn hair accessories

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Although butterfly-shaped nails full of sequins have not returned to fashion, the success of the 90s (thankfully!), The so-called “Claw” pliers and how they are. Only this season, mini versions are recommended. In addition to being very practical, they also have a decorative function.

Expression arches

the most popular autumn hair accessories 6

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As for hair fashion for fall 2021, the motto is: The bigger the better„. Therefore, larger and more dramatic arches are a great success. Thus, the monotonous look immediately takes on a new dimension and makes your style more quirky and striking.

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Hair bands

Fortunately, we can now choose hair bands at sea. Starting with the monochrome, through the colorful ones, among those with animal prints, everything is allowed in the fall.

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