Here’s who was nominated this year

Oscar for Best Makeup and Hairstyle

Although less well known, but not so important, every year she is awarded the Oscar for Best Makeup and Hairstyle. And here are five films that will compete this year.

The 2022 Oscars will be held on March 27, and nominations will be announced earlier this year. In addition to a variety of prestigious categories, including Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actor, she is also awarded the Oscar for Best Music, Costume, Makeup and Best Hairstyle. And below we’ll show you who they will be this year.

Oscar for Best Makeup and Hairstyle

Prince discovers America (Coming 2 America)

Hair stylists Carla Farmer and Stacy Morris and makeup artist Mike Marino are the first team to be nominated for this year’s Oscars. The trio worked on a film starring Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hal. As for her hair, Carla and Stacey were inspired by the afro-punk movement.


The story of the famous Cruella Disney villains was greatly enriched by Naomi Don and Julia Vernon. And as the story takes place in the seventies of the last century, it is understood that makeup and hairstyles were inspired by the London punk scene of the time.

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This science fiction the film was a huge hit on social media, including hairstyles and makeup. The story is about the intergalactic battle between the two houses and Fremen, and Donald Movat was in charge of the hair and makeup. Zendeja and Timothy Kalamet, the main characters, wanted to be as natural as possible. He treated Zendaya’s hair with salt spray, and he didn’t comb Timothy’s hair much. Rebecca Ferguson and Oscar Isaac also wore minimal makeup, but Stellan Scargard’s costume weighed about 27 pounds. Luckily, he was only on the set for a few days.

Tammy’s eyes Faye)

The story follows the rise and fall of the Telebangelist family, the Bakers. This film required a lot of makeup, and makeup artist Linda Daws wanted to completely create the look of the famous Temi Faye. At the time, Temi wore dramatic makeup in her eyes and was one of the first preachers on television to have a lot of makeup on. As he developed his career, he became the object of ridicule precisely because of the way he wore make-up.

Gucci (Gucci House)

Although, in terms of this achievement, it is quite understandable that most people talk about clothes, Gucci they also passed on the make-up and hairstyles of the time. And Ana Karin Locke and Frederik Aspiras are in charge. For example, Lady Gaga wore a bit of makeup at the beginning of the film, but as she became famous, she had to change her image. Throughout the film, Gaga changed wigs while Adam Driver was neutral. Jared Leto wore a mask (larger nose, cheeks and thicker neck).


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