How do you protect yourself from drying out and losing your shine?

curly hair

Curly hair tends to dry out due to the structure of the hair.

As usual, most women with straight hair would give it their all for a bit of a natural curl. However, the reality is a little different and not so fascinating. Curly hair tends to dry out naturally due to the structure of the hair. Natural fats cannot be evenly distributed throughout the length of the hair, and this deficiency is especially noticeable at the ends. It can be damaged by the usual procedure of cleaning and shaping the surface of the cuticle, and the result is that the hair is significantly cracked and matte. Fortunately, experts have effective solutions to these problems.

Curly hair: simple strategies that will preserve its beauty

Be careful!

Curly hair cannot withstand thermal ironing. High temperatures alter the structure of proteins that form curls. Alcohol, which is part of styling products, also breaks down curly hair and changes its shape in an unwanted direction.

How to protect?

Avoid using sulfate and paraben shampoos that are aggressive against curly hair. Instead, use softer formulas with nutritious ingredients and special ingredients to better define curls and shine.

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While the hair is still wet, apply the curls as you would like with your fingers and dry them at the lowest temperature with a hair dryer (diffuser) with a special extension for your hair type. Also, avoid hair while you are drying it. The reason? As the cuticle rises during the drying process, the moisture in the hair can penetrate the hair and spread the hair and cause it to lose its shine and shape.

Also, whenever you have the opportunity, try to dry your hair naturally without using a hair dryer. Believe me, these simple little steps will bring great benefits! Yuricazac / iStock via Getty Images

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