How many times have the ends been shortened? Here is what the experts say

haircut and hair type

Below we try to look for haircuts and haircuts that are related and go for frequent haircuts.

Although it can take a lot of time (and money) to go to the hairdresser, regular haircuts are the key to maintaining the health of your hair and can help you get the length you want. So consider every hair salon appointment as a modest investment to achieve your beauty goals.

Haircut and hair type

Although many hairdressers recommend cutting your hair every six to eight weeks, hair textures, haircutting habits, and hair lengths play an important role in how often you should visit your hairdresser.

If you frequently use hair straighteners, figaro and similar devices, they can dry out the hair and crack the ends. Combing, as well as the high temperatures of these devices, can damage the outer layer of the hair, making it more brittle and prone to breakage. For example, if you frequently use hair styling devices, you should have your hair cut every eight weeks. Alternatively, you can wait up to 12 weeks.

Another general rule of thumb is to go to the hairdresser when you have difficulty combing your hair (for example, you can’t easily comb your hair or your hair may seem lifeless no matter what you do).

How many times do you cut your hair short?

Because short hairstyles mark the face, a hairstyle can be confusing and completely different in a month. Of course, this means that you will have to go to the hairdresser more often to maintain the hairstyle you want.

To maintain a pixie hairstyle, plan to cut your hair every four to six weeks for short hairstyles for six to eight weeks and bobs for eight to ten weeks. If you have bumps, they are cut every two to four weeks, unless they are a “curtain” that can last longer.

How many times have you cut your hair long and straight?

Straight hair looks healthier when the so-called haircuts are cut. Cut out the fuzzy style because the cracks are fuller at the tops. Therefore, plan to cut long, straight hair every eight to 12 weeks to maintain your overall appearance and volume. In the case of layered hair, it is mandatory to go to the hairdresser every 12 weeks to maintain a beautiful and tidy appearance.

If your hair is healthy and plentiful and your hairstyle is beautiful after two to three months, cut your ends when you notice that they become dry, brittle, transparent or thin.

How many times do you cut long wavy or curly hair

Hair like this is not easy to maintain. In this case, it’s best to trust the experts that they’ll make you a hairstyle that will flatter you, so it’s best to listen to tips for coming back.

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But in general, you should have your hair cut every 12 to 16 weeks. As with straight hair, the curls and curls of the hair should be shortened when you notice that the hair is cracked or difficult to comb.

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