How to find the right hairstyle for your face shape?

the right hairstyle

Finding the right hairstyle isn’t so easy, right ?! If you’re not sure which way to go, let your face shape and the advice of our experts serve as a guide!

To properly identify the shape of your face, it will be necessary to place your hair behind your ears. Despite variations on the theme, the most common shapes are rectangular, oval, round, square, heart-shaped, and diamond-shaped. Our guide will help you to know your shape and help you find the right hairstyle accordingly. Of course, you don’t have to worry if you realize that your face doesn’t match the shape you initially thought it would be, nothing is lost.

Find the right hairstyle for you!

VIf the shape of your face is rectangular …

… While you have a strong, angular jaw line the same width as the forehead jaw.

In this case, experts suggest trying layered styles, as different lengths help to smooth the edges. 70s-style “curtain” bangs emphasize the cheeks by creating a horizontal volume and “pulling” the forehead. It is recommended to avoid long, straight hairstyles and create a smooth texture by adding waves or curls.

Vif the shape of your face is oval …

… The length of your face is greater than the width and you have a smoother jaw line.

Well-balanced and feminine, this shape allows you to experiment with styles, and the most common reference for choosing the right hairstyle is the way your hair falls out. The short beans will be very sophisticated and elegant. Even with long waves you won’t go wrong. The main thing to keep in mind is to add a little volume to your hair, which will lengthen your face.

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If the shape of your face is square …

… The distance between the chin and the forehead is equal to the width of the face.

The square face has wide angular lines, so the coverage of one eye looks very flattering. Choose a gentle side bump to complete the bone structure and focus on the cheeks. You can also choose a short, layered bob, or a longer, layered style to “smooth out” facial features and achieve striking, feminine results.

If the shape of your face is heart-shaped …

… Your forehead is wider than your jaw, your chin is sharper, while your cheeks are prominent.

As for this shape of the face, the main goal is to “smooth” the jaw. A chic lobule is the ideal length. Note that the side bangs complement this style perfectly and distract from the sharp beard. If you want to save on length, consider long, symmetrical curls or beans, which will also help “smooth out” your jaw. Deep distribution will be another great option that will open your face.

The shape of your face is a diamond …

… You have an angled jaw and a sharp chin. The cheeks are the widest point of your face as you lower your forehead, reflecting the angle of your jaws.

The prominent jawbones are a diamond-shaped face advantage. They are beautifully combined with a soft tail or cake that stands out. In addition, long, wavy hair can perfectly complement the “angular nature” of a diamond-shaped face. To balance the width of your jaw, you can also select the shorter parts that mark the face and reach the jaw.

If the shape of your face is round …

… You have smooth facial features, and the distance between the chin and forehead is the same as the width of the face.

When looking for the right hairstyle for a round face, avoid short layers and curly haircuts, bobs, that will only add volume to your face. Longer strands with split layers, which start under the ear, will be a complete hit, and a sharp pixie cut may be a good option for those who want an androgenic look.

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