How to get a prosperous ponytail with the help of these 10 hair stylist tips

How to get a prosperous ponytail

Here’s how to get a prosperous ponytail with the help of these 10 tips from hair professionals.

In the world of beautiful hairstyles of celebrities like Ariana Grande and Lisa, it’s hard not to be jealous of a ponytail full of volume and brilliance. However, when we try something similar, it can be a real challenge. Especially if we have thin hair.

However, high-rise hair is not necessarily unattainable, especially if we follow the advice of hair experts.

How to get a prosperous ponytail – tips and tricks

Shake your hair

One way to be prosperous in ponytail is to use the tricks you probably have at home: dry shampoo and a thick comb. Apply shampoo to your hair, then rub it well on your skin. Then apply the comb all over the hair before picking it up on a ponytail.

Additional tip: If you don’t have dry shampoo on hand, baby powder will have the same effect as baking soda. However, the powder is not recommended for women with dark hair, as it will show whiteness.

Twist your hair

Before picking up a ponytail, curl your hair, especially the ends. Kizkur gives it texture and volume.

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Two ponytails

Another way to create a thick hair effect is to first bind the top layer of hair and then tie the top layer to the bottom. This will give you a volume effect.

Hair spray

Try volume sprays before tying your hair to your tail. This will make the hair thicker.

Take care before drying

Before drying your hair, apply a volume mousse. This way, the hair, while drying, will gain density and the ponytail will look perfect.

Hair salon trick

Tie the top layer of hair, then hide behind the sponge. Only then tie the bottom of the hair.

Bormagoma is good

A good hair elastic gives support to the hairstyle and looks thicker.

Hair containers

Hairpins can also be used to achieve greater volume.


One way to make a ponytail thicker is to use hair extensions. Among other things, that’s what most famous ladies do. Deagreez / iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

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