How to get wet hair at home?

look wet

Wet look catwalk stood out as one of the main themes. Why don’t we Did you take us too ?!

The Wet look will definitely mark this year, at least that’s what the track reports say. Some creators opted for lacquered options, others preferred side moments, and others — thanks to their ultra-bright, bold but dressy looks — took things to the next level. And if you want to test yourself in this “slippery slope”, the instructions will come in handy.


Don’t be afraid to experiment

The wet appearance is very versatile. You can lick it on your head, combined with a low bow or a high and elegant tail. Of course, retro options are also at stake.

Don’t overdo the product for styling

A wet look can be confusing. But no matter how far you want to go, we can make sure that you don’t want the room to drip from your hair, or to create a sticky feeling when you apply too much serum to get too much shine. So the measure is also important, so don’t overdo it!

Just a hint of the wet look of the day

For example, if you tie your hair low in the tail, use a product that will give you a dose of subtle shine and make it easier to style your hair.

Super bright effect for evening events

Fix the lower part of the hair with a spray that will keep the hair on hold. When you reach the top layers of your hair, start applying it to the room. This will give a great effect and will help you to get a tidier look.

Choose the right products

Combine the products according to your hair type and the look you want to achieve. If you’re trying to “disturb” the room, you can do it with an air conditioning product.

Ensure consistency of the appearance created

For a moist, guaranteed look, add a layer of glycerin throughout the day. This will prevent the appearance of dampness (read: dry hair).

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Wash your hair before using shampoo

In general, today’s hair products are soluble in water, so it is essential to wash them thoroughly in warm water until the product is completely removed. Then, and only after that, go for the shampoo.

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