How to hide dark circles with makeup

Marija Rakazović makeup artist

Makeup artist Marija Rakazović helps you “get in the way” of these enemies of female beauty!

That is, dark circles. periorbital hyperpigmentation (POH) is a color change that occurs in the eye area. Dark circles over time, as the skin ages, collagen loses and thins, and the veins around the eyes can be seen. The color of the eyelids depends on the color of the skin and the type of skin, so we have blue, purple, yellow, red and very dark (black). Makeup artist Marija Rakazović shows them how to say goodbye!

Makeup artist Marija Rakazović: How to camouflage dark circles with makeup?

To find out which concealer neutralizes a certain pigmentation, as well as the difference between concealer and concealer, watch the following video first …

The culprits for the formation of dark circles are different. These can include genetics, fatigue, allergies, eye fatigue, alcohol, smoking, tobacco smoke, skin dehydration, aging, excessive sun exposure, as well as some health issues.

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In terms of the type of dark circle, we distinguish:

Swollen eyelids are the result of water retention in the body.

Concave circles under the eyes – occur in people with prominent cheeks, when the eyes are deeper in the cavity of the eyes.

Bags under the eyes – swelling (edema).

To lighten dark circles, it is necessary to avoid salty and greasy foods, use cold compresses or pillows for dark circles, as well as moisturizers to protect the eye area.

And here’s how you can use makeup to cover the circles under your eyes …

When choosing a concealer, it should be two shades lighter than your liquid base to keep your face fresh and restful. Apply with gentle, gentle movements (brush, blender or fingers) to get the best and most natural look. Try to “melt” the transition between the concealer and the liquid foundation. This will prevent the creation of a clear (sharp) transition line. Finally, to keep the concealer in place, fix it with a translucent powder. Apply with a brush in the thinnest layer possible.

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