How to make your perfect shade palette?

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Finding the perfect shade palette isn’t easy, especially since we focus on using two or three shades of what we have available, and others are often overlooked. This is precisely why Marija Rakazovic has shown us the advantages of independently “assembled” pallets.

Do you have a favorite shadow palette? Are you a proud owner of at least two? And do you use all the shades that are really available, or most of the two, maybe three? If you’ve winked at each of these questions, here’s a handy tip for you – consider a mono (fill) shadow and independently create an ideal palette. This solution does not only apply to shadow pallets. On the contrary, you can apply a blush, a blush palette, a lightener … In these cases, the rule of using one or two shades is most often repeated, as your skin tone and underlying tone are usually only one or two shades. a certain palette. We, as professional make-up artists, have suitcases with many different palettes, we don’t use all the shades, as it often happens that some colors are not well pigmented, difficult to mix … In fact, that’s why you get so many. benefits.

Create your own shadow palette – it will win!

There are several reasons for this …


By purchasing a magnetic palette in which you can arrange the individual shades that suit you (in this case, two or three that best suit your eye color), you get your own custom palette. It will replace more pallets, and your kit will be tidier and clearer. It will also be practical for traveling, and you can always carry it in your bag.


With a targeted purchase, you won’t waste money on products that you won’t use because they don’t suit you.

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As I said, a palette will replace them more. You will use 100% of all local products and avoid disposing of unused containers and packaging. It’s easy: when you spend one filling, replace it with another.

The following video may serve as an idea and help you create your perfect palette.

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