How to refresh your hair image?

hair image

Hair image is part of our identity, do you agree? And how long have you been “faithful” to a particular style / color? Maybe it’s time to think about change. Experts show off the newest and most flattering shades, as well as styles that are easy to design.

Change the image of your hair!

Change color or hairstyle? In any case, our suggestions will help you to start the new year in a completely different edition.


Here’s how to refresh the color, but also how to save its “vitality”

Option 1: Caramel accents

Suitable for: Brunettes

If you want a change, but are undecided about choosing a new shade, consider subtle and lighter branches, following the example of Jessica Alba. These accents are a great choice for anyone just starting out in the coloring process, as they are not aggressive. In addition, they give the hair a subtle dose of shine. They are suitable for people with a darker base, such as chocolate and brown chestnuts, as they blend well with the surrounding hair over time, which eliminates sharp transitions, even for those who go to the hairdresser frequently.

Option 2: Washed chestnuts

Propose: Darker brunettes

The chestnut shade that Zendaja prefers is the same beautiful shade, but also cheaper, the “cousin” of red hair. It is a blend of brown and red, and goes well with almost any skin tone. To get the perfect shade of chestnut, it is necessary for your hairdresser to adjust its tone. And to keep it fresh, experts recommend using a thinner cleanser and a shampoo to keep it colored.

Option 3: Warm honey tones

Ideal for: Blond and more light purple

This beautiful amber gold tone flatters almost everything and helps it look young (just look at Blake Lively), and the shades of gray irises make you look older. In addition, it is much more appreciated than light blue in terms of growth. To extend the period between two visits to the salon, talk to your hairdresser about the balage technique, which has a more natural effect than using paper, so the growth is less noticeable.

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If you are looking for something completely new, or need a little step forward, one of these trendy styles may be right for you.

Option 1: “Retinal” blows

These feather-shaped fringed bangs allow you to relax even before you start this effort. Plus, they’re really flattering (evidence: Selena Gomez). It is important to adjust their length to the shape of the face. If your face is oval, let the bumps reach your cheeks. If your face is round, choose shorter, more textured “frocks.” Styling Tip: For extra volume, use a round brush to dry your face. When they dry, let them cool in the brushes. Then throw them away from your face.

Option 2: Lob

The lobe (or long bob) worn by Ashley Graham is the perfect choice for any hair texture. Playing with different lengths and face frames changes the classic look in a simple way. But this cut requires maintenance: frequent haircuts are necessary to keep the shape. Experts recommend going to the hairdresser every six to eight weeks. Styling Tip: As for this haircut style, the options are endless. Gently wrap the iron around the ends of the hair to create a messy and calm look. Finally, wet your hair with a hair spray that will ensure the stability of the hairstyle and will not tighten the hair too much.

Option 3: Step by step

It’s back, but in a much smoother version compared to the ultra-layer style of the 1970s. If the face is elongated, choose blows that start from the cheeks or shorter layers – to emphasize the structure of the bones. More layers will smooth the width of the round face. This style of Alex Chang flatters a lot, but those with straight hair should stay away from it, in which case the layers look broken. If you like to tie your hair with a tail, be sure to adjust the length to match your hairstyle. Styling Tip: For more flexibility, use figaro to create waves in different directions. Emma McIntyre, Matt Winkelmeyer, Michael Loccisano, Tibrina Hobson, Theo Wargo, Thierry Chesnot, Stefania M. D’Alessandro Getty Images, via Instagram

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