How to shine immediately to welcome

Last minute makeup

Last minute make-up doesn’t have to be bad if you know a few tricks …

First things first, make it your goal to make your New Year’s Eve 2022 last minute. Now if you decide to go to an event at the last minute, such as New Year’s Eve, we have a quick solution for you.

Here’s how to put on makeup, it looks like you’ve put in a lot of effort, even if it’s not.

Last minute makeup


Glitter and sequins are definitely in vogue, and this look inspired by the nineties may be perfect for a welcome.

red lips

When we don’t have enough time, the best way to look perfect is to choose lipstick.

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Dark and dangerous

The dark eye shadow looks awful, but not for the new year!

Focus on the eyes

Bright neutral smoky eyes? We say, “Oh yes!”

Excellent eyeliner

If you enjoy applying eyeliner, use that love and play with sequins. You will quickly get the look of a real holiday.

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Glamor of the sixties

Wake up the diva of this season to yourself, quickly and easily!

Gold and silver

These shades are perfect for a crazy night out, and here’s a tutorial to make your eyes glow in five minutes.

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