How to shorten cracked ends at home

How to shorten cracked ends at home

In the early days of the pandemic and the global blockade, one of the most frequently searched questions on Google was how to shorten cracked ends at home?

Yes, during the pandemic, we became masters of many things, including haircuts. If you like to shorten the tips yourself or for any other reason you can’t go to the hairdresser, here’s a guide to freshening up your DIY hair.

How to shorten cracked ends at home – step by step

1 What is the damage?

Before you cut your hair, look at your hair. Has the texture changed at the ends? Are the ends dry? Determine how much you need to cut.

2 Preparation

You will need hair scissors, a thick comb and a spray bottle if your hair dries quickly.

NOTE: Blunt scissors can damage the ends even more, so invest in new sharp hair scissors and use them only to cut your hair.

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3 It’s time to cut your hair

Wash or moisturize your hair and apply the oil to make it easier to comb. Carefully comb the entire length, then take the top layer of hair with your hair extensions. Take one thread and divide it into two parts. Pull between your fingers and, depending on the damage, cut that part. Repeat with the other thread.

Once you have cut the bottom layer, undo the next one and repeat the procedure until each layer of hair is shortened.

Avoid future damage

Be proactive and schedule haircuts (or cut yourself) every six to eight weeks. Also use hair care products and masks (once a week).

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