How to start your metabolism: 3 easy dietary changes that can help you do this

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There are many markers to determine the state of our metabolic health. Some of these are similar to blood sugar level, blood pressure, LDL cholesterol and so on. But one of the parameters that didn’t get the attention it deserved was definitely uric acid. However, as neurologist David Perlmutter says in the book Put the acid, it is one of the most important (but also the most insidious) markers.

Uric acid is a waste found in the blood that is formed when the body breaks down compounds called fructose and purine. High levels of uric acid are most often associated with joint pain and tenderness. However, large amounts of uric acid can also affect metabolic health.

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Uric acid is a very powerful mediator in the metabolic process and shows how the body prepares for food and water deficiency – a key mechanism for survival.

Therefore, in order to have a healthy metabolism, uric acid plays a crucial role. How do we balance? David Perlmutter suggests making the following three changes to our diet.

How to start metabolism

Reduce your fructose intake

Fructose affects the production of uric acid. This is why it is important to limit your intake of refined and artificial sugars, as well as foods with a high percentage of fructose. This does not apply to fruits, as they are generally less high in fructose than processed foods, and some types of fruit also contain bioflavonoids that help reduce uric acid levels in the body.

Season the food, but salt beforehand

You can completely eliminate fructose from your diet and still produce it. In fact, when the body thinks that it is not getting enough food, it activates its survival mechanism and produces fructose. The same goes for water consumption. When the body lacks water, the sodium concentration increases, which is a sign that the body is producing fructose. To avoid this, drink enough water during the day, avoid salt and consume more spices, such as black pepper, ginger and turmeric, which have a beneficial effect on our metabolism.

Pay attention to foods that are rich in quercetin

We mentioned a moment ago that flavonoids are an important factor in reducing uric acid, and when we consume them, we can block the production of that acid. Quercetin helps the most, which reduces the level of this acid and can be consumed as a supplement, but it is also found in foods such as apples, berries and tomatoes. elebeZoom / iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

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