How to use a hair mask: 5 key rules

How to use a hair mask

How to use a hair mask, but in the right way, we explain below.

If you dye your hair, cut it with a hair dryer, an iron, or a curling iron, or just want your hair to be healthy, masks are the easiest way to achieve that.

However, have you ever seen a mask effect? Or was your hair lifeless and greasy after use in the bowl? As with any other beauty product, certain rules are required for the use of masks.

How to use a hair mask

Rule 1

Masks are used once a week or once a week.

Rule 2

Not all masks are the same. Therefore, before applying the preparation, read the instructions for use, as well as the ingredients contained therein. Choose masks according to your hair type (curly, colored, damaged, dry ().

Rule 3

Although it may seem strange, masks are applied to fresh, clean hair.

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Rule 4

The preparation is applied from the ends to the entire length of the hair. Avoid applying it to the root so that the hair does not get greasy.

Rule 5

We usually apply the masks with our hands, but that way we won’t distribute them evenly. When applying the mask, comb your hair with a brush, especially if you have thick hair. This way, the preparation will penetrate all the hair.

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