How to wear clothes we already have: fashion tricks and tips

How to wear the clothes we already have

We don’t have to buy new clothes every season. Here’s how to put one together for use with your …

Nowadays, we rarely know a person with a closet full of clothes. From sales, through online stores, it is now cheaper to buy clothes than ever before. But that doesn’t mean we can’t put older clothes in fashion.

Instead of buying new clothes, look in the closet. And below, find inspiration to refresh your look with existing clothes.

How to wear the clothes we already have

Color grouping

Pick up some clothes and look only at the color. What do you see? Long? Monochrome style? If you are a person who likes to wear all colors at once, try creating a look with a single shade. And then make variations in your usual style, changing combinations.

Tips for grouping by color:

  1. Mix different shades of the same shade and freshen up your outfit.
  2. Mix colors and textures. Combine non-aggressive colors with leather or denim to add a new dimension to your combination.
  3. Additional colors are your best friend.

Layered and layered!

Layered clothing is most often associated with winter clothing, but it can also be perfect for warmer weather. In this case, the material itself is essential.

Play with style

Use shoes, accessories, belts and bags to refresh old clothes. Experiment and try on what accessories fit your clothes and garments.

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Mix up the seasons

It’s clear that you won’t be wearing a coat in the middle of summer, but you can pair a winter t-shirt with shorts or a miniskirt, especially in the evening when it’s cold.

Formal and informal

Mix these two styles. Wear jeans for business meetings, or a hanging skirt with a plain oversized T-shirt. Be creative.

Break your rules

If you’ve always worn shoes and bags, prints, or one color exclusively with another, it’s time to break those rules. You will see for yourself how much you will refresh the way you dress this way.

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