Hyperpigmentation: Discover a new ally that will allow you to overcome this beauty challenge!

Hyperpigmentation is one of the biggest cosmetic challenges, with the arrival of sunny days, which is even more complicated. yes the main cause of their appearance is unprotected sun exposure.

Hyperpigmentation … In the beginning, let’s find out how they really happen! The function of melanin is to protect the skin from the sun. This allows our skin to darken and thus protect us from the harmful effects of UV radiation. The production of melanin in the skin is controlled by the enzyme tyrosinase. Inadequate sun protection and unprotected exposure to UV radiation lead to uncontrolled tyrosinase production, and thus excessive melanin production. This is how hyperpigmentation occurs. Therefore, the fight for a uniform skin requires regular attention and very effective sun protection, specially formulated according to the needs of the skin prone to hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation: How to Cope?

Trust the power of tiamidola!

Looking for the ingredient that gives the best and most significant results u seeathe same hyperpigmentation i tochavathe same their again pojavljivanja, Eucerin® research center – ten years of research – He tested about 50,000 substances. Thiamidola has been shown to be the most effective ingredient, clinically and dermatologically proven, as it reduces dark spots and prevents recurrence. it’s about the only substance that causes the cause, not the effect – it reduces the production of melanin in places where hyperpigmentation occurs.

Get an innovative solution

With regard to sun protection for skin prone to hyperpigmentation, the arrival of spring is a good time to incorporate high sun protection products into your morning routine. Starting this spring, this routine will bring you even more pleasure and confidence because it is new Eucerin® Pigment Control Tinted Fluids Sun Protection SPF 50+in addition to helping to prevent sun-induced hyperpigmentation, it also contains pigments that give your skin a uniform appearance and cover stains.

The lighter and darker shades have been developed in collaboration with professional make-up artists, and it’s up to you to choose the one that perfectly matches your skin’s natural tone and say goodbye to liquid powders and sunspots. Higher sun protection, which Eucerin® Pigment Control Tinted Sun Protection Fluid SPF 50+ provides physical and biological protection from the effects of the action high-energy lights visible, known by the acronym HEVIS (High Energy Visible Light), which causes hyperpigmentation and premature aging of the skin.


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