“I don’t care what I think and the wrinkles are fine for me!”

Jelena Ivanovic

Jelena Ivanović is a guest on the column “His story” in the October issue of the print edition of the magazine . Here’s what we took pictures of and what we talked about.

Interviewee: Nadežda Jokić. Photos: Mirko Tabašević. Stylist: Vesna Stanković. Makeup: Ivana Temelkovski. Hairstyle: Marcello Mura. Location: Hotel 88

The top model with an international career, who now owns a fashion agency and is the mother of three boys, reveals how she manages to meet the challenges of the modern era.

Jelena Ivanović’s name was known in the world fashion industry in the nineties. Muse of some of the most famous fashionistas in the world designer and brands have achieved an enviable international career. But she is a charismatic woman in Belgrade soon, at just twenty-four years old, decided to replace his modeling career with another in management since he felt he had achieved as much as he could in modeling.

Actress Branislav Tomašević’s wife received a prestigious award last year Fashion Wears Peace, in organization African Fashion Gate, which promotes ethnic diversity in the fashion and film industry. Being in the company of George Armani at the awards ceremony speaks to the success of his agency Management of J,, whichi they are too lateyou in the world.

Those who don’t know Jelena, looking at her photos, would think that she should never stop modeling. A passion for so much photogenicity, energy and a good attitude it is not even among the best models who are actively involved in this business. We enjoyed working with Jelena, who amazed us with her professionalism, habits and energy, which she shared with us in a photo shoot on the roof of Belgrade. We were especially happy because it was Jelena on that occasion she posed for the media for the first time with a new hairstyle with short hair, that was his mark i during a prosperous modeling career.

Back to short hair

Although all the hairstyles look great, we were interested in how she decided to return old, praised visual personality.

– To the idea again I cut my hair for a long time, it was silent in me, it was not in vain, from one day to the next, but I am something long I wanted to and delayed it, mostly because of the constant compliments I received at the expense of my long hair. The longer the haircut was delayed, the longer my hair was. This transformation seems sharp at first glance, and it was actually something I was doing absolutely he was ready – says Jelena with a smile, and we asked her i whether he sometimes misses the time of modeling, due to visual transformations:

– The profession of a model has taught me to accept transformations easily and yes I enter joy, creativity, excitement in each new role. Every change in hairstyle involves a change in style, and that requires it i another attitude, s with that she wears that hairstyle. It’s a lot of fun for me …

Face wrinkles

Jelena Ivanović is one of the few models who has no hesitation in being without makeup in public. The forty-one-year-old doesn’t even use filters on Instagram, so it was logical to ask how comfortable he is own skin.

– I feel good on my skin because I taught myself I accept all changes that come with maturity. It helps me to beautify myself and not change my makeup, but I do it every day boldly I find the natural process that every woman goes through, myself included. When I face it in the morning I don’t feel comfortablea once again new pine, but I do not try against nature, nor prI represent different from who I am. I don’t care so much what others think, but what I think are my natural breasts okay, wrinkles on my forehead i loose eyelids. I’ve noticed that there’s nothing like this when I feel good. To feel good, internal hygiene is important. Silence and agreement with yourself are tools for achieving internal balance. The beliefs we often have about life our sabotage, but I learned that change is the only thing! Everything in life is constantly changing, including us. I don’t hold on to rigid beliefs, I’m always ready to learn, I’m looking at life first, and then you’ll see that in me – Jelena is honest.

Changes components of life

Even if Jelena he always had a great line, we were interested in how he kept his youthful figure.

– I’ve never been a type of sportsman, but I recently became aware of the benefits of regular physical activity. I felt that Pilates workouts helped me more than massages and me Stretching the body and strengthening the skin relieves pain, stiffness, fatigue and also gives me energy, I started to appreciate sports – story A woman from Belgrade, with a measured and beautiful manner.

Priority, the key to success

Because he has a lot of responsibilities, like an eye members we asked him if he would miss family and home maintenance, as well as business, for a few hours during the day:

– Of course, for me, like everyone else, the day is too short and I think I would need twice as much time, but also yet strength to do everything the way I wanted to. Accelerating life attracts a lot of vital energy, it doesn’t return it to that extent. Svima nwe need to be filled with some sources and that is why each should be an oasis of peace and inspiration. It is not easy to give your maximum at the same time on all fronts. My parents taught me to set priorities, facilitate many relationships, and not spend where I didn’t need to. I’m still trying to optimize my many roles and deal with that to all the challenges of society and time – it speaks for itself Jelena Ivanovic.

Looking to the future

We asked Jelena i whether it was fifteen years ago sinetsi that life will prepare him for such a blessing – a large and fulfilling family, that he works with the same zeal from the beginning.

– My ultimate goal has always been to feel fulfilled and well blessed. I’ve never been successful because of the title, the money, the opinions of others, but only to express myself, to live, to fulfill … only the former concludes. a big model above.

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