If your skin is very dry, trust this ingredient …


Dry skin on the body needs specific attention, especially during the cold period of the year, when there is a tendency to dry out. The decisive factor in the effectiveness of its treatment is certainly the selection of appropriate care products. Experts recommend using water-based ones, for example Eucerin Urea Repair Plus fragrant ointment with 5% urea i Eucerin Urea Repair Plus hand creams with 5% urea. Here’s why …

Very dry skin causes a feeling of tightness, it is red, rough, dandruff and itchy. It loses the ability to bind water and prevent further loss. This is why, especially in autumn and winter, importance should be given to skin hydration. Experts agree that a combination of ingredients that moisturize the skin and compensate for lost lipids should be included to restore the skin’s natural barrier function and prevent further drying. And, according to scientific data, urea is the gold standard in the treatment of dry skin.


Why choose water-based preparations?

This ingredient is effective on both sides. As a natural and moisturizing factor, water binds water to the outer layers of the skin. It also supports the desquamation process, which is the bleaching of the skin, a natural process that removes dead cells. (Note that healthy skin peeling is associated with smooth skin.) Urea is even more effective when combined with other moisturizing and lipid factors. Studies show that the combination of urea with ceramides, natural hydrating factors, and glycerol shows a significantly better effect than that shown alone.

Trust them!

Scientists Eucerin The group was the first to effectively formulate dermo-cosmetic preparations with urea and now has more than 25 years of experience in formulating skin care products that contain this ingredient. That’s why we recommend that you have confidence in your fall / winter preparations Eucerin Urea Repair Plus collections, lipids containing 5, 10 or 30 percent urea, specifically ceramides, which strengthen the protective function of the skin and prevent moisture loss. We especially highlight the next two …

Eucerin UreaRepair Plus fragrant ointment with 5% urea

You probably know that some scents that are already part of care products can cause allergies. But that is not the case Eucerin®UreaRepair Plus fragrant ointment with 5% urea!! On the contrary, it contains ingredients that are pleasant to the skin and are at the same time soothing. Specially formulated to give relief to dry skin and satisfy all its needs – with a soft and pleasant aroma – this cream is also suitable for people with sensitive skin. After use, it relieves itching, tightness and redness, and the skin is highly hydrated, tender and slightly fragrant.

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Eucerin UreaRepair Plus hand cream with 5% urea

The skin of the hands is exposed to aggressive external effects from the skin of any other part of the body. If we add our hands frequently to washing, soap, and other chemicals, it’s clear why it “seems to” do so many times, and it dries, swells, and tends to peel. Based on urea, ceramide and other natural and moisturizing factors (PVF), Eucerin UreaRepair Plus hand cream with 5% urea it is clinically proven that it immediately relieves dry skin symptoms and intensively moisturizes very dry, rough and tight, even after frequent washing. It strengthens the skin’s natural barrier function by hydrating the skin for 48 hours. It is suitable for people with cirrhosis, diabetes and mature skin.


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