Illamasqua, a British makeup brand, has arrived in Serbia!


To the delight of all makeup fans, Illamasqua products are now available in our market – Belgrade and Novi Sad.

At the Belgrade Club DIM a presentation was organized Illamasqua brand. Representatives of the media and many professional make-up artists had the opportunity to get to know the products of this renowned British house. This time, our famous make-up artist – Dragan Vurdelja – gave a masterclass and presented the products and options to everyone. Illamasqua offers. Namely, the beginnings of this brand are related to punk. But despite changes in timing and trends, he maintained his character and quality, which makes him one of the best in the world.


When and how did it all start?

This cult British brand has been around since 2008. It is a professional makeup line that brings together a group of professionals who have recognized the importance of subcultures and creativity that does not know the rules. Illamasqua Julian Kinaston is the idea of ​​marketing guru, with no previous experience in the world of makeup, to launch a brand to celebrate personality, originality and offer consumers a unique experience in the makeup industry. He was joined by Joseph Corey, the son of founder Vivienne Westwood, and Malcolm McLaren, the group’s founder. Sex Pistols, Like someone who grew up in the heart of the London punk scene. Kore is also known to the general public for its underwear brand Provocateur Agentea.In the last 13 years, Illamasqua she has become a proud advocate of what she says is the beauty of inclusive, non-exclusive beauty. Beauty is not young, old, white, black, female or male, but anything, everything.

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Unregulated beauty

Illamasqua it expresses the voice of the new generation and emphasizes beauty without rules and aging. Ilamasqua It is known for its best pigmentation products, made from the Creole pigment, which is unique. This brand has a completely unconventional approach, all of which gives it a striking “illamasqua twist,” a professional makeup for everyday use.

Illamasqua It comes with 144 different products and is only available in the exclusive Lilly Medicines in Belgrade (Ušće Shopping Center, Delta City, Knez Mihajlova, Braničevska 12) and Novi Saden (Promenade and Jevrejska).

Next month, Mihaela Dodić – creative director and main makeup artist Illamasqua – It will be at the point of sale Lilly Belgrade drugstore for advice and inquiries. Mihaela is an experienced make-up artist who has been working for a long time. Illamasqua she knows the brand and everything about it, and makeup tips are really valuable.

INFO PLUS: full range Illamasqua The brand is also available online, via Lilly web shop ILLAMASQUA_SERBIA.


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