Indeed it is a Canadian brand, after being sold after The Ordinary, the world’s first

Today, anti-aging routines cannot be imagined without retinol, a In fact, Retinol Reface cream is one of the best on the market at a very affordable price.

Author: Jelena Sazdanović-Sušić, B.Sc. pharmacist and author of the blog

It is intended to increase effectiveness while reducing the chance of irritation In fact combined retinol, bakuhiol, and palmitoyl tripeptide-38 (a peptide that claims to have a similar effect to retinol). The concentration is unknown because the concentrations of three different active substances with similar effects cannot be combined.

Who it is for In fact, Retinol Reface cream?

For those who have already encountered retinol, it is not for beginners (for medium-level retinol, 0.3% after use, and 1% before use, 1% should be used for deeper wrinkles and resistant skin). It has a light texture that absorbs very quickly and is best suited to oily and combination skin on its own, and can be used as a serum for dry skin and followed by a rich neutral cream.

The training is in a suitable container that protects the active substances well and does not contain any added odors. In the first meeting with retinol preparation, the 3-2-1 method should be followed. The first week should be used on the third day, the second on the second, and the third on the third evening if there is no irritation. Skin dehydration is a common side effect of retinol use, so hydration should be increased.

Properly cared for skin with retinol has a healthy retinol shine, photo damage is less, stains are smaller, it is “polished,” and these are the effects of this cream. In addition, SPF should be used with retinol, which is a basic condition for the prevention of photoaging.

What is bakuhiol?

Bakuhiol is a natural substance that does not belong to retinoids, but has a similar effect to retinol when it increases collagen production and affects the enzyme that breaks down collagen (more collagen makes the skin stronger). Unlike retinol, which has been used for a very long time, there is little research on bakuhiola, but it is promising (antioxidant, antibacterial action, reduces acne, affects collagen synthesis, but without the irritation that retinol provides).

Who they are for In fact, Bakuchiol Reface tupferi?

Oily or combination skin, for those who want pimples, wrinkles and the effect, without the reaction that retinol gives. In addition to bakuhiola, there is also niacinamide, which regulates sebum. These cotton cloths can be worn in the morning and evening, and during pregnancy, unlike retinol. Due to the surface described, they also have the effect of a smooth mechanical peel.

And what happens under the eyes?

Always a cream formulated only for this area, as retinol on the face can be irritating. Herbal extracts made with retinol ester (retinyl linoleate), a wrinkle-free anti-wrinkle, squalane, glycerin and avocado oil make a gentle cream, but effective for that part.

When used In fact Reface eye cream?

Around the age of 30, or when the first wrinkles are noticed. In the evening, gently place your little finger under your eye and wrap it around the bones of your orbital circle, away from the waterline.

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