Ines Atelier’s new collection is absolutely timeless

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New collection Ines Atelierra the brand bears Sping – Fall 2022. Here’s why …

Clothing and its purpose began to lose its determinants of the season depending on weather conditions, with increasing contradiction with fashion seasons and seasons. Hence the new collection Ines Atelierra it has no time or seasonal determinants and is characterized by a timeless design and quality that can be passed down from generation to generation.

It is mandatory to wear all clothes, clothing, silhouettes that flatter the body of the woman, bright colors and natural materials.

– With the new models, we wanted to present the woman from the point of view we see, as free, with a remarkable character that does not make clothes, which complements and emphasizes them. Art in itself is the personification of beauty in a variety of formats, so we’ve tried to give that beauty, strength, and individualism to every woman who wears a piece from this collection, they said of this fashion house.

Jelena Mitic
Sofia Petrovic
Snezana, directed by J

See what the collection is like …

New collection by Ines Atelier New collection by Ines Atelier New collection by Ines AtelierNew collection by Ines Atelier New collection by Ines Atelier New collection by Ines AtelierNew collection by Ines Atelier

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About the brand Ines Atelierra

After completing her studies in fashion and interior design, the designer behind this brand, Ines Janković, first worked in the field of home decoration. In 2012 she decided to immerse herself in the world of fashion design and created a brand Ines Atelierra.

Ines Atelierra he is constantly looking for new creations, new ideas and new art forms. Although fascinated by the world of fashion, they are also inspired by other types of art, such as sculptures, paintings, buildings, sounds … Since this brand was created as a result of an interior design company, it is natural to mix architectural forms and dynamics. fashion. The minimalist approach is the basis of Inesa’s design, and when creating new pieces she always keeps in mind the modern pace of life and the daily needs and desires of real women.

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