Is an intuitive diet suitable for everyone?

Marija Đurković
Is an intuitive diet suitable for everyone? It’s an increasingly popular eating philosophy lately, and many believe it’s important to avoid feeling guilty about “right” and “wrong” food. However, does an intuitive diet always bring health benefits or can it be harmful? We asked nutritionist Marija Đurković for an answer.
If you want to know more about it what is really intuitive nutrition and who they are basic principlescontinue this i this Link.

That food itself is not bad or good, but only food, is one of the main principles of intuitive nutrition that you will often know what nutritionists tell you. Does this mean that intuitive eating is a diet that is blessed by nutritionists (I will still hold on to my position in the text because I can’t speak on behalf of my colleagues)?

I’ll start with what an intuitive diet is, because I think there’s someone who’s been aware of it, but doesn’t know what the truth is.

It is an anti-nutrition approach that strictly ignores a person’s way of thinking about dieting and is based on intuition and listening to the body’s current needs, with no restrictions, no obsession with counting calories, and no conscious care.

Intuitive eating is, in fact, a natural way of eating for both children and adults. I eat when I’m hungry – I stop when I’m full. Everything goes well, but when we have a person who is currently eating and is overweight, it is impossible to talk about intuitive eating. In that case, people would say, “I just ate all the chocolate because my body demanded it.”

So, first of all, we need to build a healthy attitude towards food, learn what is good and what is bad for our body, get used to it (eat regular meals) and learn how much food is enough to satisfy and not overeat. I mean eating isn’t intuitive for everyone. If you need to lose weight, then we still need to count some calories.

An intuitive diet is suitable for people who do not have a major eating disorder, health problems or are overweight. For them, eating without feeling and counting calories imposes them as a completely normal way of eating.

Marija Đurković is a nutritionist by profession. He graduated from the Medical School of Vocational Studies in Belgrade and then attended a course organized by the Vojvodina Leisure and Fitness Association and obtained a certificate as a nutrition and supplement nutrition and fitness consultant. In December 2017, he opened a nutrition consulting center in Nova Pazova, where many of his clients have gone from desire to goal. Maria hopes that all of them will bring a passion for healthy eating and healthy living habits from the counseling center. As of July 1, 2020, the counseling center will operate elsewhere in Block A of New Belgrade.

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