Is it easier to wear heels?

Lidocaine spray to get shoe pain

The lidocaine spray for shoe pain, especially when wearing heels and then, is a well-known trend in TikTok. And we asked if it was safe?

How slowly we are returning to formal parties, where ladies with heels (almost two years later). there is a high probability of feeling long-forgotten pain and cramps.

That’s why TickTokers has invented a trend that supposedly helps us endure high heels for hours. In fact, recently, a “secret” of wearing high heels has appeared on this social network: lidocaine spray.

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This spray (or gel) is a local anesthetic that causes local nerve block, and is most commonly used in surgery and dentistry.

The ladies who have used it so far say their feet are “hardened,” they have no pain receptors. As a result, wearing heels becomes painless. However, how healthy and safe is this trend really?

Lidocaine shoe pain spray- Yes or no?

Experts agree that we have pain receptor receptors for good reason. Ignoring the symptoms can lead to major health problems (ulcers, fractures), and it is also possible for thick skin to appear on the foot.

This tendency is especially dangerous for those who suffer from diabetes and other conditions that can cause neuropathy (nerve damage). Using a pain spray, diabetics can get an open wound on their foot, which can lead to infection and imputation.

In addition to all the above, the spray can also cause allergic reactions, rashes and breathing problems, fever, fever …

Experts have concluded that there are many painless methods for wearing high heels, such as silicone insoles.

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