It’s the way the actor feeds his skin

Flawless looks Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence’s perfect appearance has been one of the main themes since this actress appeared in the show business.

The actor came to the spotlight in 2021, when he was nominated for an Oscar for his film “Winter to the Bones.” In addition to the elegant look that darkened us, Jennifer made a great impression with her flawless skin.

However, she admits that she doesn’t consider herself glamorous.

They told me I was ugly when I was a little brother. I would go to my mother and ask her if I was beautiful, and she would tell me that she didn’t care. He refused to answer my question. I was lucky enough to go through life without worrying much about my physical appearance.

However, now that she’s in the center of attention, Jennifer cares a little more about her appearance, and her skin health comes first.

Flawless looks Jennifer Lawrence

-When I don’t go to events, I don’t wear make-up. I go to professional makeup often, but I try to avoid makeup whenever I can.

This star is aware of the unrealistic standards of beauty that surround us today.

I love when people are honest. If you’re malnourished and people are constantly talking about eating pizza and fried chicken all the time. That doesn’t help these people. I can’t lie, I eat differently before the premiere and award ceremony so I can get into the dresses. But I’m okay with acknowledging that, he said.

In addition, the actor is well on his way to revealing the secrets of his perfect skin.


I use retinol after applying night cream on my face. Although they recommend not using it every day, I do use it.

No rules

In addition to the retinol she still uses every day, Jennifer breaks another rule.

I also use night cream during the day. I have dry skin and I like richer creams.

To deeply moisturize the face, the actor uses a mixture of jojoba and rosehip oil.

Cream with a protective factor

During the day, I use SPF creams. And those that also contain zinc.

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Without peeling anything

– I have facial congestion every night. Either with sugar, salt, baking soda or purchase skins. What I get first, he said jokingly.


– In theory, the actor said that these treatments should be done once a month. They are treatments that remove the dead layer of the skin, making it brighter. In addition, these treatments reduce skin blemishes and pigmentation.

A closing message

-It should be a personal beauty routine. If you want to feel beautiful, and that means putting on false eyelashes or whatever, do it. You’re not going to get it wrong. The only problem is if you do it for someone else. Rich Fury / Staff / Getty Images Entertainment

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