Join Eucerin and Ben at the “Keeping nature I get” action

I get to take care of nature

“Taking care of nature, I get it” project Eucerin Serbia carried out in collaboration with BENU Pharmacy, is designed as a call for long-term activity and joint action to care for the environment and reduce its negative impact on the environment.

Dejan Aleksov, Director of BENU Pharmacy and Member of the Board of Directors of the Pheonx Group

U WELL pharmacy, Galerija shopping center, Eucerin Serbia i BENU Pharmacy He presented the project “Keeping nature I get”. The first activity of this project is an opportunity for all users Eucerin® white products WELL they will replace the packaging of used preparations by pharmacies in exchange for a voucher, on the basis of which they will receive a discount for the purchase of a new one. For these purposes, u WELL Pharmacies have put up a box where used containers will be dumped, and along with all the activity there are materials that explain the purpose of this action and the logical link between health and the protection of the planet. You can also help with this project by using worn out plastic containers Eucerin® take to the nearest preparation WELL pharmacy. Your work will be rewarded with a coupon worth 100 dinars, which you can use to buy a new one immediately or within a month. Eucerin® preparations.

“I get by taking care of nature” – both you and our only planet!

Nada Miletić Nevajda, Eucerin Serbia

Eco goals

For over 120 years of tradition and innovation, the brand Eucerin® is constantly working to improve the effectiveness of its products, and at the same time, according to Beiersdorf sustainability policy – is responsible for protecting the environment. One of the main goals in this regard is to be in the production of everyone’s packaging by 2025 Eucerin® The preparation uses 50% less plastic of fossil origin. In addition, the purpose of the brand Eucerin® it is about creating the conditions for the use of 100% recyclable, reusable or refurbished packaging.

From goals to work …

Many aspects of the brand business Eucerin® they already meet these goals. New, improved packaging packages Eucerin® Hyaluron filling the lines have less plastic compared to the previous generation, while the codes Eucerin® Hyaluron filling reduced plastic concentrate content to 80%. Eucerin®AtopiControl The 400 ml balm is available in a tube instead of a bottle, saving 40% on plastic use. Skin wash packaging Eucerin® DermatoCLEAN [HYALURON] the lines are already 98% recycled plastic, which is non-fossil plastic.

“Caring for nature, I get it” – join this action!

No printed instructions on preparations!

Also, to reduce paper consumption, from July this year, Eucerin® the preparations are marketed without printed instructions, and the necessary information on them can be found on the packaging and is available at This saves 47 tonnes of paper and 103 tonnes of wood per year. In addition to these activities, Eucerin® It is constantly working to improve the formulation of its preparations to reduce its potential negative effects on the environment, considering the sustainable use of the soil while producing the preparations, obtaining raw materials from certified sustainable sources, following the strict principles of sustainable raw materials. materials.

Plans for the future

Company sustainability policy Beiersdorf, within which it operates Eucerin®, includes a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions at all stages of business, production and transport, with the aim of achieving a 75% reduction over the next four years. Accordingly, a complete change in the supply of electricity from renewable sources and a 25% reduction in water consumption are expected.

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