Kiehl’s new online store – from now on in Serbia

Kiehl's online store

New Kiehl’s online store: If you’re a fan of the New York pharmaceutical brand, you’re sure to be happy to know that you can find Kiehl’s products from now on.

Kiehl’s since 1851, A legendary New York pharmacy and manufacturer of high quality skin and hair care products, presents its online store in Serbia.

Goal Kiehl’s The online store is offering individual skin care solutions using effective and legendary formulas that are loved by users around the world. Ultra Face Cream Face Cream, Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado Eye Cream and Midnight Recovery Concentrate Face Concentrate Essential Oils are some of the products you will find on the new online shopping page.

What to expect from Kiehl’s online store

New Kiehl’s The online store is intuitive, easy to use, and strives to digitally convey the shopping experience Kiehl’s shops. With a sophisticated user interface designed to make online shopping a filling experience, Kiehl’s optimized for mobile and computer online stores. To facilitate the search and navigation process, it has been divided into different sections, such as best-selling products, new products, anti-aging products, special offers and gifts.

Kiehl's online store

The highest quality cosmetics arrive at your doorstep

Because of the presentation Kiehl’s since 1851 online stores, Matija Posavec, brand manager Kiehl’sa Adria stated the following for the Balkan region:
We are pleased to be able to deliver the highest quality skin and hair care products to our customers. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to hear that skin care is really taking care of yourself and that is why we offer our customers the luxury of skin and hair care products to get to know them from the comfort of their home. Customers have always been at the heart of everything we do and that is why our goal is to offer products for different skin types in different weather conditions, offering effective solutions and targeted treatments. Since then Kiehl’s striving to connect generations through memories, traditions and skin care that have been effective over time, we appreciate you being able to embark on this digital journey with us.

ABOUT Kiehls products and brand

Kiehl’s the products have been formulated since 1851 to ensure the high quality of skin care that customers expect from the brand. Kiehl’s the products remain true to their pharmaceutical tradition and are expert ways to care for, renew and strengthen the skin barrier, protect the skin from damage and help maintain moisture. Formulated with high concentrations of the best ingredients, Kiehl’s a daily dose of skin care has been shown to give visible results. It only takes a few minutes a day for the skin to look healthier.

Heritage and a long tradition are the basis Kiehl’s business, and a unique and extensive tradition is a mixture of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, botanical and medical knowledge and experience that has been acquired and developed from generation to generation. It’s today Kiehl’s to provide quality skin and hair care products through the most advanced science and using unique and well-known ingredients.

Kiehl’s It originated in the East Village district of New York as a classic pharmacy. Its unique and rich heritage represents a true treasure trove of knowledge in the fields of cosmetics, pharmacy, botany and medicine, which has been developed and passed down from generation to generation.


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