Kitchen Notes: Mostly a BASIC VEGETABLE CHALLENGE challenge


What if you eat too many plants and less animal food in a week? This is what you do if you place an order plant-based diet, but in your own way, as much as you like it?

Use this easy guide to check it out.

Written kitchen notes: Jasmina Ubiparip

Plant-basedThis is one of the most popular plant foods in recent years – you’ve probably come across this term many times. However, I will start from the very definition, because it is the answer to the question what is a plant-based diet it is not ambiguous. Some authors below plant-based it involves an exclusively plant-based diet (veganism), others eggs and dairy products (vegetarianism), and still others a limited amount of meat and fish (flexitarianism). In addition, a distinction must be made between plants (plant-based) and complete plant nutritionwhole plant foods). The second is much larger (and I’m writing about this in this article) because it excludes highly processed foods.

Forget access all or nothing

If you eat a whole plant-based diet, can you eat meat too? Some authors answer “yes” to this question. While most of your menu consists of plant-based foods, you can rest assured that the meal will be complete with a portion of quality meat or fish. So if meat is your favorite food, the meaning of this challenge for you is not necessarily to become vegan. The intention is mainly to add vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, cereals and spices, according to experts, because a diet rich in these foods works wonders for our health. How much will you reduce your meat use – it’s up to you (no one else has to decide on your diet), but maybe you can try two meat-free meals a day?

On the other hand, if you’ve been thinking about switching to a plant-based diet for a long time, go ahead and use the challenge as an opportunity to assess how you feel when your diet is based solely on plant-based foods.

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Why it’s worth a try plant-based nutrition

Your health: The latest study, published in a journal this February PLOS MedicineHe showed that eating more fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and nuts can take a decade (or more)! Another piece of good news is that although early adopters (mostly) plant-based diets will benefit most, it’s never too late. Research also showed that in the eighties, highly processed foods, industrial sugar and red meat were excluded from the diet, their life expectancy was extended by 3.5 years.

Benefit plans: Plant-based nutrition is essential from an ecological point of view: plant food production is more sustainable than raising animals for the needs of the food industry. So in order to save the planet for generations to come, all we need to do is reduce the consumption of food of animal origin. (Excluding meat from a single meal a day each year reduces the pollution emissions that would be the equivalent of a 3,000-mile journey!)

Practical tips!

1. Basics: Eliminate highly processed foods from your diet.

2. Fill a plate with vegetables, whole grains, legumes, mushrooms and don’t forget to use spices and herbs.

3. Eat fruit for dessert.

4. Think of this challenge as an opportunity to play in the kitchen: experimenting with new foods and recipes.

5. However, if you’re not ready for big changes, try a simple strategy to add 5 healthy dishes / snacks (I noticed on Nastasja Nedimović’s Instagram profile. Eat a salad with green leafy vegetables, fruit salad, smoothie, nuts and / or stone A handful and drink herbal tea.

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