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cut crease

Cut the fold the method of completing the eyes became popular in the 1960s, and it was Twiggy who deserved it. Lately, Adele and Lana del Rey have been focusing on this makeup look again.

What it really is cut crease?

We love it because it is sophisticated and stylish. Plus, it will make your eyes bigger and your look “deeper”.

It is a form of makeup that emphasizes the wrinkle of the eye (Eng. wrinkled). Wrinkles of the eye usually stand out in darker tones than those applied to the eyelid. At the same time, the darker shadow doesn’t end up in the wrinkle itself, it does a little over the arch, making the eyes bigger.

Here’s what Vanja says, how to get the look of her photo …

Colder weather always “works” with slightly stronger and more dramatic makeup. I was inspired to sit back and enjoy the process, it’s a kind of therapy for me!

The appearance of the eyes is completely matte, with noticeable wrinkles and bright eyelids, a contrast that opens the eye and attracts attention. Here’s how to get a smooth cut look.

Cut the fold softly, step by step

  1. Be sure to prepare the drops so that the makeup lasts all day and has maximum pigmentation of the shadows.
  2. I applied the shadows in a wrinkle – from light to dark brown, touching. I went up in small circular strokes.
  3. I applied a matte shade of light beige (champagne) to my eyelids, and drew a line on my lower eyelid as with double eyeliner.
  4. I also added eyelashes to complete the drama, and put a bare pencil (maybe white) on the water line. This is what gives the “open” eye effect.

What you need for this look: For this makeup, you need two shades of brown eye shadow for the fold and a light eye for the eyelids. I used my favorite Anastacia Beverly Hills smooth glam palette.

Dear makeup, try it, it’s fun!

Vanja Radosavljevic your makeup artist

Vanja has been doing makeup for over a decade and has received a lot of education during that time. She also specializes in fashion (stage) makeup, and her works complemented fashion shows by brands such as DQ and MonaLacko.
Vanja believes that a 20-minute time and some key products can work a miracle. She is also sure that the makeup should not mask you, but emphasize what is most beautiful on your face. Now he has decided to share his knowledge and skills with readers of the portal lepotaizdravlje.rs.

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Vanja Radosavljevic

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